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This Carrd shows you how to stream Stray Kids on the Stationhead social radio platform.

Before You Start

Make sure you have the following:
★ Streaming device (PC, mobile phone, etc.)
★ Apple Music or Spotify Premium account

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Frequently Asked Questions

Use the links below to navigate the FAQ!

General Questions

· What is Stationhead?Stationhead is a social radio platform with chat features. You can listen to music with other STAY and request songs with station DJs. ♥︎

· Do Stationhead streams count for charts (e.g. Billboard)?Yes, these streams count for charts, including Billboard!From the website, "As all music streams come directly from your Apple Music and Spotify accounts, every play counts as a stream."

· Why should we stream on Stationhead?When the DJ plays a Stray Kids song, it syncs with your linked Apple Music or Spotify Premium account and counts it as a stream. The more listeners you have, the better! For example, 100 STAY on one Stationhead station listening to Stray Kids would generate 100 streams that would count for Apple Music, Spotify, and Billboard charts.Additionally, there is less chance of your streams being filtered out. When you stream on your own, some of your streams may not be counted if your streaming behavior is flagged as 'inorganic' (e.g. looping songs, listening to too many SKZ songs back to back, etc.). This is less likely to happen on Stationhead, since the DJ takes care of the playlist.As a fan, you get to listen to Stray Kids' music and connect with other STAY. If you're a new STAY, this is a great way to discover Stray Kids' music. You don't have to go through the hassle of creating and managing your own playlists. The DJ will handle the playlists, and you can even send in your own song requests as well!By getting lots of STAY to stream together on Stationhead, we can guarantee more effective streaming for Stray Kids! This will help us keep SKZ on charts longer.

Using Stationhead

· Can I mute the app or station?No. Do not mute the app or your phone.

· Can I mute the tab on my web browser?No. Do not mute the tab for any streaming services on web as this could be detected. You can, however, mute your computer.

· Why did the song, chat, and listener count suddently change?When you are connected to STATIONHEAD's STAY channel, when one station goes off air, the channel automatically switches you to an 'on air' station in order to help keep you streaming. To see a list of other STAY stations available click here.

· Should I go back to my original station?No. When you suddenly leave, a certain amount of streams are lost. If you wait 10 minutes it will automatically change.

· Do streams still count when the station is "Off Air"?Yes. As long as you can hear the music, the streams will count towards charts.

· The station is still listed as "On Air", so why can't I hear anything?Please follow these steps:
···1.··· Make sure you have your Spotify Premium or Apple Music account connected.
···2.··· See if you have the app muted, or your device's volume lowered.
···3.··· Try leaving the station and/or closing the app/browser, and then re-entering.

· Can I stream on Stationhead and Spotify at the same time?Yes. You can stream on both simultaneously, but only one song at a time will be counted. It will not double the statistics unless you are using two sepperate accounts.

· Does listening to the Recorded Shows count for streams?Yes. The songs played in any recordings will count towards charts.

SKZcord Questions

· What is SKZCORD?We are a STAY fanbase that has a voting team and participates in streaming projects, such as a 24/7 STATIONHEAD station.We are Discord based, and if you would like to become a SKZCORD member, check us out by clicking here, or you can follow our twitter account here.

· Is it safe to leave my STATIONHEAD account on SKZCORD while I sleep or work?Yes, we stream on STATIONHEAD 24/7 (all day and night).

· Do you accept song requests?Yes, we always accept song requests from STAYs. ♥︎ These must not be from the current year, or Stray Kids competition for charts. Just click the "+" button in the station to send your request in.

· Do you accept song requests in different languages or from different countries?Yes! We love playing variety and other languages! Stray Kids everywhere all around the world~

· I'm from another fandom, would you like to do a STATIONHEAD collab?Please dm us on our twitter to discuss collabs.

Stationhead Tutorial

Click the links below for PC and mobile tutorials.
You can also look at Stationhead's Getting Started Guide.